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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Field experiment prep + OA experiment update

This morning, in preparation for my nascent field experiment testing dogwhelk feeding behavior, I climbed down the cliffs by the Long Marine Lab and scouted spots to install 32 stainless steel mesh cages. My intern and I are excited to be making progress on this project, and once the permits are approved we'll be down there every < 2 ft. tide!

Me checking out spaces to put the experiment at Terrace Point.

The site where the experiment will take place.

Rows of 20 x 20 cm mussel plots where the 
snail predators will go.

Yesterday, my interns finished a large dataset on the shell thickness of all 519 mussels I used in my OA experiment last year. It feels really good to have that done. Huge shout out to Sandra, Xochitl, and Marcos!! Soon I'll be writing up that paper and then just one more chapter to go!

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