How strange to call this planet 'Earth' when quite clearly it is ocean. Arthur C. Clarke

Monday, December 12, 2016

Nudibranchs at Davenport Landing

At the low tide today at Davenport Landing, I found so many nudibranchs, there must have been a convention or something!

Acanthodoris lutea, the orange peel nudibranch

Triopha catalinae, the clown nudibranch

Acanthodoris lutea, the orange peel nudibranch with
Troipha catalinae, the clown nudibranch

Okenia rosacea, the Hopkins rose nudibranch

Archidoris montereyensis, the Monterey sea lemon nudibranch

Hermissenda crassicornis, the opalescent nudibranch

 There were other cool molluscs as well.

Calliostoma canaliculatus, the Channeled top snail

Either a mossy chiton or a hairy chiton

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