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Friday, February 26, 2016

OA Experiment Update

As of this morning, 123 snails have drilled and 13 have died. That means 78.6% are done! Now I'm just waiting until the remaining snails stop eating. Hopefully that is soon, but I'm not so sure because three more finished drilling this morning!

This is what a snail basket looks like when the snail has finished eating a mussel. The small 
mussel is open and empty. 

 Often, the snails drill a mussel and eat everything but the muscles and foot. You can see the 
posterior adductor muscle below the borehole in this small mussel.

This is a posterior view of the eaten small mussel. You can clearly see
the white posterior adductor muscle! That is the main muscle that holds 
the two valves (shells) of the mussel together.

These are the computers that control the pH of my treatments.

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