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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Plastic fast: Week 1 Summary

Plastic fast update! I will work on making these more visually appealing. Here's an unrelated picture for now!

Orcas! Sept. 2013

  • Things I needed that normally come with new plastic: nothing
  • Things I bought that have new plastic (if any; hopefully this will be none): fruit with stickers. This seems to be pretty unavoidable unless I take off all the stickers at the store, but that's not saving any plastic.
  • Things I bought in plastic-free form: salad tossers, spatula, colander, camping plate
  • Things I did to avoid buying new plastic: I bought material at Goodwill to make produce bags, so I don't have to use those plastic bags to buy bulk items!
  • Things with new plastic that were given to me: sandwich, retractable clothes line
  • Plastic things I politely rejected: I'm going to reject the clothes line
  • People who learned about my plastic fast (optional): my boyfriend
  • What was the hardest part of my fast this week?: accepting the retractable clothes line knowing that it was wrapped in and made of plastic, then realizing I'm going to have to politely reject it
  • What was the easiest part of my fast this week?: buying food
  • What can I not find a non-plastic alternative for, and can I give up this item entirely?: food processor. Um, I'll keep looking, but I would eat significantly less healthy food if I didn't have a food processor. 

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