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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Future Leaders in Coastal Science

I am pleased to announce that I and my undergrad team were awarded the inaugural Future Leaders in Coastal Science Award!


The purpose of this award is to support a graduate student studying the coastal zone in mentoring two undergraduate students in her research. Our project will be a continuation of my PhD project, examining local adaptation and coastal climate in intertidal predatory dogwhelks. We'll be working mainly on two chapters:

  1. Analyzing the effects of ocean acidification on dogwhelk drilling
  2. A field experiment testing dogwhelk drilling in different environments.

We'll present our results at two different conferences, travel up (or down) the coast for the field experiment, and, more broadly, we'll also be reading and compiling studies that show evidence of adaptation to climate change and how those changes can have broader community effects.

I am very excited to have such dedicated and motivated students working with me!

Sandra Traverso, Gina Contolini, and Xochitl Clare,
winners of the Future Leaders in Coastal Science Award
UC Santa Cruz, 2016

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